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Studie uberdie Kampfe um die Landbrucke und die Raumung des Kampfraumes Demjansk
Kolektiv / Collective

Unique document published by Demjansk veterans (probably artillerymen). The Demjansk operation lasted 12 and half months and it was the longest encirclement operation on the Eastern Front (please, see this link). The book contains c. 100 pages with lists of soldiers, officers, tens of coloured maps and diagrams of army positions, graphs of mortality causes, material usage etc, rare photographs from battlefield, air photographs of the region etc. This kind of book was published only in a few copies (this copy is No. 5) and it is very rarely sold. There are several original documents inserted into the book: e. g. orders to soldiers (with signatures of officers!), telegraph message and documents with stamps Secret. The cloth binding with very distinct spots, the Demjansk Shield on the binding is missing (please, see this picture), the inside in good state of preservation. Really rare! 35 x 45 cm, no paging.
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Publisher: ?
Year: ?
Number of copies: ?
Edition: 1.
Cover: original cloth
Condition: slightly damaged

Price: 130000 CZK