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Kolektiv / Collective Kundera Milan

The collection of translation of Czech and Slovak poetry. Illustrations and graphics by Eduard Milen, Vincenc Hloznik, Bohdan Lacina, Milos Slezak and others. There are signatures and dedications of authors and translators to writer Milan Rusinsky on the page before editorīs note. Signed authors and translators: Frantisek Hrubin, Vojtech Mihalik, Ctibor Stitnicky, Milan Kundera, Josef Kainar and Jan Noha. Copy No. 289/900. Loose sheets inserted in paper wrapper. The wrapper is dirty, otherwise very good condition. Rare signatures of Milan Kundera and others from the fifties! 21.5 x 14 cm, 74 pp.
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Illustrator: Milen Eduard

Publisher: Krajske nakladatelstvi, Brno
Year: 1958
Number of copies: 900
Edition: 1.
Cover: original sewed
Condition: slightly damaged

Price: 3300 CZK