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Orationes Selectae. Tomus 1., 2., 3.
Cicero Marcus Tullius

Orationes Selectae, Opera, Et Studio Christophori Wahl, Societ. Jesu Sacerdote. Interpretatione, Ac Notis Ad Usum Humaniorum Scholarum Illustratae. The selection of Cicero´s speeches (Cicero was a well-known Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer and writer). The book was edited by the Society of Jesus as a textbook. Three tomes (?, 1756, 1776) bound in one book. The title page of the first tome missing, one sheet from Cicero´s biography and preface is also missing and remainig five sheets are bound in incorrect order. There are owner´s signature and notes by pencil on the blank leaves. The unoriginal half calf binding is markedly damaged, one sheet with many small grey spots, a few pages with small brownish spots. 17.5 x 12 cm, 445, 443, 440 pp and 50 pp (appendix).
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Publisher: Typis Regiae Universitatis, Tyrnaviae
Year: 1756
Number of copies: ?
Edition: ?
Cover: unoriginal binding
Condition: damaged

Price: 3700 CZK