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C. Plinii Caecilii secundi Epistolae et Panegyricus.
Plinius Caecilius

Accedunt alii Panegyrici veteres. Praemittitur notitia literaria studiis Societatis Bipontinae. Editio accurata. Letters and paean to the Emperor Trajan by Pliny the Younger. Two volumes in one book, there is an engraving of the Emperor Trajan on the title page of every volume. The binding is damaged with distinct signs of usage (see pictures, please), the endpapers are dirty, there are owner´s signature and library number on the title page. The first 80 leaves with little hole, a corner of one leaf is cut off, all leaves with small brownish spots. 20 x 13 cm, 254 and 416 pp.
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Publisher: Ex Typographia Societatis, Biponti (Zweibrucken)
Year: 1789
Number of copies: ?
Edition: ?
Cover: original paper binding
Condition: damaged

Price: 1700 CZK