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Bayrisch Stammen-Buch
Hund Wiguleus

Der erst Theil: Von den Abgestorbenen Fürsten, Pfaltz: March: Landt: vnd Burggrauen, Grauen, Landt vnd Freyherrn, auch andern alten Adelichen Thurnier Geschlechten deß löblichen Fürstenthumbs in Bayern. The first volume of the famous Bavarian book “Of Origin”, which contains the list of Bavarian chivalric and noble families with nice woodcut friezes and vignettes. There are two shorter prints, which are bounded to
1st Gloria Thunnensis - eulogizing poem on the Thun-Hohenstein family on the occasion of the appointment of Johann Ernst von Thun und Hohenstein to Archbishop of Salzburg in 1687 with two beautiful woodcuts.
2nd An Den Allerdurchleuchtigsten, Großmächtigsten, und Unüberwindlichsten Fürsten und Herrn, Herrn Ferdinandum II. - brief genealogical table of the Habsburg monarchy from 1636 by Leonhart Wurffbain.
The binding is dirty with distinct signs of usage, the spine is badly damaged, there are ex libris of the Thun und Hohenstein family from Tetschen and library notes by pencil on the end paper, other notes are on the blank leaves. Two-colour title page is badly damaged (for complete title page see more pictures, please), leaves with brownish spots, the corner of one leaf is torn off and one leaf has a small hole in the upper right corner. The next to last leaf is c. 4 cm torn and the last one is incomplete. The last three pages (No. 373, 374 and 375) are missing. Considering the age of the book, it is generally in good state of preservation. Very rare! 31 x 21 cm, 34 pp of an introduction, 372 pp of the list.
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Publisher: Adam Sartorius, Ingolstadt
Year: 1598
Number of copies: ?
Edition: 1.
Cover: original vellum
Condition: damaged

Price: 13000 CZK