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Avantgarda bez legend a mytu
Kolektiv / Collective

Five mimeographed typed booklets, comprising a full transcript of all fourteen parts of a Czech radio series (15th part was never printed), issued in limited distribution to a small group of reader. The series dealt mainly with Czechoslovak avant-garde movement in the interwar period. The list of parts (in Czech): at zije zivot!, avatgarda bez legend?, kouzelnici, devetsil, avantgardni divadlo I., avantdardni divadlo II., tvorba zivotnihi slohu, zive svedectvi hudby - 20. leta, zive svedectvi hudby - 30. leta, leva fronta - dokumenty, vytvarnici avangardy, vladislav vancura, surrealismus, dedictvi avantgardy. Texts by Vratislav Effenberger, Kvestoslav Chvatik, Konstantin Biebl, Adolf Hoffmeister, Jan Werich, Jiri Voskovec, Josef Sima, Jiri Menzel, and others. All booklets loosely inserted in original paper wrapper. The wrapper with signs of usage, slightly damaged in the upper part of its spine, two booklets have slightly bent edges, there is a bookplate on the front endpaper, otherwise in good state of preservation. 20.5 x 15 cm, 5 booklets.
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Publisher: Ceskoslovensky rozhlas, Praha
Year: 1967
Number of copies: ?
Edition: 1.
Cover: original sewed
Condition: slightly damaged

Price: 9700 CZK