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Weber Fr. Ritter Jos.

Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges 1914/1918. 93 issues of German newspaper commenting on the events of World War I, the first issue was published in September 1914, the last one in July 1918. Each issue has 4 - 8 pages and contains reports from the frontline, maps, pictures of weapons and uniforms and war humor as well, all from the perspective of German war propaganda. Due to cheap newsprint each issue is more or less damaged, most often it is slightly dirty and with torn edges. The last two issues are more damaged than the others. Because of misprint the two issues have number 75, in fact they are numbers 75 and 76. Rarity! 30 x 23.5 cm, 93 issues, 732 pp.
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Publisher: Germania A.-G. fur Verlag und Druckerei, Berlin
Year: 1914
Number of copies: ?
Edition: 1.
Cover: original sewed
Condition: slightly damaged

Price: 1700 CZK